Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flawed Logic

"Dave never blogs when he is pissed; Dave has not blogged since Sunday; Dave has been pissed since Sunday."

This statement is categorically false. I was not pissed on Monday! I actually was not pissed on Tuesday, either. I spent Tuesday gathering the information I would need to make an objective judgement about whether the twinge of pisstedness I was feeling following a certain conversation I had was rational. On Wednesday, I analysed that information and determined that it would only be rational if the other party carried out the action it threatened me with. The threat alone was not worth getting pissed over. It wasn't till Thursday that I was able to assess the extent to which my agitator was prepared to carry out said threat. As of yet, I am not convinced to a level of confidence that satisfies me that he is, so I have decided to hold with Wednesday's determination that I should get pissed only when the threatened action occurs and not a second sooner. So I'm not pissed now and I'm not going to get pissed because to do so would not be rational. Instead of getting pissed, I think I'll just punch something.

1 comment:

carl duewall said...

i was right there with you up until the end there dave.