Monday, November 30, 2009

The New Pretzl from Petzl

Thanks, Soubriquet. You're a frickin' genius!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Lower Mulberry Shenanigans

My friend Ryan and I floated the Mullberry from Turner Bend to Cambell's Cemetary yesterday. The 11-mile stretch has some nice rapids but you earn every one of them. The pools are long-long! Just to entertain ourselves, we hoisted this tree up and jammed it on another tree to make it look like a flood placed it there:

Saturday, November 07, 2009

DMG Responds to Kayaking Rumors

Springdale, Ar., Nov 09/FirstWire/DMG Gibberish Solutions (NYGE: DMG) responded today to rumors that it is giving up whitewater kayaking in favor of rappelling and other more terrestrial activities. The company insists that, while it hasn't paddled anything bigger than Fisher's Ford since May, it has absolutely no intention of quitting paddling. DMG's Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer Dave Renfro said, "We missed the best whitewater day of the year three weeks ago because we had made a previous commitment to demo climbing shoes at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. We did not buy climbing shoes. Furthermore, the reports that my company attempted to barter it's drysuit for a collection of trinkets and beaded jewelry are categorically false."

DMG Gibberish Solutions is a leading supplier of gibberish for the playground padding, personal floatation, and mulching industries and is listed on the New York Gibberish Exchange.