Monday, November 09, 2009

Lower Mulberry Shenanigans

My friend Ryan and I floated the Mullberry from Turner Bend to Cambell's Cemetary yesterday. The 11-mile stretch has some nice rapids but you earn every one of them. The pools are long-long! Just to entertain ourselves, we hoisted this tree up and jammed it on another tree to make it look like a flood placed it there:


walter wardlow said...

yeah, that's what i would have done too!

bulletholes said...

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Tree Jam Cemetaries are best avaible in lower pools.
Order now and get free Mulberry Benders.
I like this rapid very much and will hoist it to my 11 mile stretch blog.
If you need help thanks for it.

Anonymous said...

Bulletholes, that is some stream of consciousness you're flotating on.

Dave, I'll bet that tree was there from a flood and you're just SAYING you put it there.

You devil!

UF Mike

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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