Monday, November 30, 2009

The New Pretzl from Petzl

Thanks, Soubriquet. You're a frickin' genius!


Anonymous said...

That looks sturdy. In Philadelphia, guys stop along the main intersections and sell soft pretzels from the trunks of their cars. I always wondered who bought them. I know it's hard to know where any of the food you eat comes from. But I balk at knowing it came from the filthy trunk of a battered Dodge Duster.

Hey Dave!

UF Mike

Dave Mows Grass said...

These nice Hispanic ladies used to always knock on our door selling tamales out of their trunks, but not since Spring when we moved into this respectable apartment. Damn I miss my old apartment!

Hey Mike!

Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be a Plymouth Duster?

Anonymous said...

MMMMmmmm... Petzl Pretzels....


Anonymous said...

You're right. My brother owned a Plymouth Duster, so I should have known. Had a bitchin' 8-track in it and everything. I loved how it'd switch tracks in the middle of a song:

"Born to be (8 seconds of Kerchunk Kerchunks) Wiiiiilllllld!"

Hey everybody!

UF Mike

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dave, your anonymous posters are getting more interesting by the minute. Is that French?

UF Mike

bulletholes said...

Anon wants to know, Dave, "Do you want to become an affluent person?"

I think its safe to say they don't know you!

then later....
"I earn US $2,000 per day, and my first deposit was 1 grand only!"
Where did the other grand go Dave?
I doubt it went to charity! probably went right up hisd nose which would exoplain his closing....
"Let`s take our chance together to feel the smell of real money"
Just be sure not to sneexe!

Anonymous said...

Steve, those are some impressive translating skills you have. You are truly a man of depth.


soubriquet said...

Soubriquet "Fresh-not-Floppy" pretzels are just perfect for all your ropework needs. Their dough has an extreme elasticity, allowing it to absorb and store energy when users slip and shock-load the rope.
Eating the pretzel at the end of a tough, active day restores YOUR energy levels at just the right time!

"Fresh-not-Floppy", the pretzel for the active man.

p.s. Watch out fer squirls, they eats petzl.

soubriquet said...

"Let`s take our chance together to feel the smell of real money"

"I'm sniffin' it!"