Sunday, April 29, 2012

Training Log

No long runs to report. I ran five miles at Fayetteville Lake the Tuesday after the marathon and just flew! I'd been sore all day at work but my legs just came alive the second they hit the trail. I couldn't believe it!

I spent the Sunday after the race proving out some new gear I got for my ultra in June, a race vest, some handheld water bottles, and a pair of real-deal trail running shoes. All worked great for two laps of Fayetteville Lake, but that's hardly an adequate test. [CoolProduct Picks to follow.]

I'm back to a tapering this week because next weekend is TEFKACS (The Event Formerly Known As Canoe School) at Turner Bend. I'm using the opportunity to do back-to-back runs on the Ozark Highlands Trail. I want to practice running on tired legs. Running from Cherry Bend to Indian Creek and back would be 28 miles, 29 with the little out-and-back to the top of Hare Mountain. I can carry enough water in my hydration pack to refill my handhelds three times which should last me the whole distance. Carrying that much weight and having to navigate unfamiliar trail will probably push that run well into the eight-hour range, longer than I expect the 50k at Hobbs to take. I'll know after that whether I dare to hand-carry my hydration for the ultra. The next day I could do the loop from Redding to Spy Rock or whatever I feel like. I suspect my legs will be pretty shredded.

Two laps of Fayetteville Lake today.

Total for Apr 9 - 15: 31 miles (Point two!)
Total for Apr 16 - 22: 17 miles
Total for Apr 23 - 29: 12 miles

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