Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recondite Quips and Hockey Fight Clips

"I visit people in [autism] meetings, and a 9-year-old will come up and want to talk about his autism. I’d rather talk about his science project."

--Temple Grandin
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Martijn said...

Why were those nice men fighting?

Yes, I am like a little kid when it comes to hockey. I never saw much of it. The red guy (Neal?) was pretty skilled at the rumble. He immediately knocked the other guy's (Prust) helmet off, which was a smart move. You don't want to hurt your nuckles on some bozo's helmet of course. In the end he missed a few teeth though, Neal. Or maybe he didn't have them before. Maybe that's why he took up hockey to begin with and if he wasn't dentally challenged, he could have a good carreer in figure skating. But why didn't anybody stop the fight?

(hmmm this comment is going nowhere and perhaps I should have focused on the Temple Grandin link, but I'm really tired now.)

Anonymous said...

"But why didn't anybody stop the fight?"

Martijn, you know about as much about hockey as I know about speed skating!

Hey, pal!


Martijn said...

No argue there! I could see from the looks on the umpires' faces that this fight was nothing they worried too much about. In fact: they looked as if they were part of the same show. Very strange.