Friday, April 27, 2012

An Onomastic Inconsistency

I've been toCrabfest. I've been to Lobsterfest. I have never been to Shrimpfest, but as of today, I have been to the Festival of Shrimp. I have to say, the Tequila-lime Grilled Shrimp Tacos at Red Lobster kick some serious gastronomic ass. Better try them before they go away!


Martijn said...

I found out last week that a mere 100 yards from my house, there's a street called Crabstreet. It's even crossing my street. Never seen it. And I've been living here for 14 years! It's not really about onomastic inconsistency this comment, but perhaps close enough. Enjoy the crabs, and a great weekend for the MG family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Martijn! I suspect you can get better seafood than we can, perhaps on the west end of Crabstreet. We're landlocked here so any actual saltwater fish we get has been frozen. We do have great freshwater catfish here, though. Imported from Vietnam!