Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Cool Product Pick of the Week

I was talking foot care with the guys at Rush Running and they all extemely enthusiastically recommended this Blister Shield foot powder. Their recommendations were more heartfelt and genuine than mere sales talk, as if they were sharing not just product information, but the key to a more comfortable and enjoyable running life. I bought some.

The stuff clumps and is a bit hard to work with, but I've figured out how to use it. The first thing you do is throw the included scoop away. You need a toothpick to get the powder out of the scoop. The next thing you do is dump the bad tasting, long-expired sandwich spread that's been occupying sparse refrigerator space for the last three years and clean the jar. The resealable bag it comes in is a nice idea except the powder packs into the zipper grooves making it impossible to close. The jar works much better. A Hydrocodone Polistirex and Chlorpheniramine Polistirex Pennkinetic promotional measuring spoon fits nicely in the mayonaise jar if you happen to have one, otherwise just trim the handle of a common plastic spoon and use that. I turn my running socks inside-out, put them in a ziplock sandwich bag, add about half a teaspoon of Blister Shield, and shake it. When I put my socks on, I rub them all over my feet and toes to work the powder into my skin.

I tried the stuff at Hobbs this weekend and it definitely lives up to its recommendations. My feet felt wonderful with no hot spots after five hours of running. Amazing stuff!

f/4.5; 1/60 sec; ISO-400; flash.


Martijn said...

And only $ 9.99!

No, jokes aside, I'm genuinly interested and amused by all the things involved with hard core running. When I did it, I just put on a pair of sneakers, did no warm up, ran shamefully out of my house, up & down the dike till something in my leggs gave up and limped back home. Perhaps I should give it a little more attention.

Anonymous said...

That $9.99 may last a whole year. It don't take much! Yeah, running is just right for a reformed gear head. The shoes wear out so you do have to constantly throw money at the hobby, but there are no really big ticket items like kayaks or mountain bikes. Not too bad.

Hi, Martijn!

Martijn said...

You knwo what I'm most jealous about (apart from your family and bagpipes)? That you manage to get one fanatisism at the time. (My brother is very good at that too.) But I stack the next thing on top of the previous, without loosing any of my old ones. It's quite maddening. (I could give you a list that would chill your runnin' bones!) One hobby/obsession at the time should be the rule. Hi, Dave~