Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Now Shipping from DMG Ultra!

Blist-R-Kit and Blist-R-Kit Deluxe

Includes Alcohol prep pad, safety pin (Deluxe kit replaces safety pin with sterile lancet), and pre-cut cloth blister patch with super aggressive adhesive (same cloth used in Band-Aid brand Tough Strip bandages!).

$3.95 or $5.95 for Deluxe.

(Shipping and handling extra.)


Martijn said...

That's a sweet deal! If I order now, do throw in a knife set?

Martijn said...

I forgot the word 'you' here. sorry.

red dirt girl said...

You've gone hardcore my friend, hardcore ......

Hi Dave!

Anonymous said...

Martijn, please, do not spoil my positive mental image of the Netherlands by revealing that you guys also use gimmicky Ginsu knife giveaways to help tele-sell overpriced household and foot care goods. The horror!

RDG, I think you might be understandably ignorant of the true depth of ultrarunning crazyness that exists out there. I'm thousands of miles away from beaing able to claim hardcore status, much less zombie status. Thanks all the same, though!

You guys rock!