Monday, April 30, 2012

Packing List for Friday Death Run

Water (4.7 liters)
Blist-R-Kit Deluxe (handheld pocket)
Endurolytes (8 in handheld, 8 in shorts pocket)
ID Bracelet/Last Will and Testament
Duct Tape
Hammer Flask (Hammer Gel Tropical w/caffeine)
Clif Bars (2)
First Aid Kit
Benzethonium Chloride Wipes (2)
Shit Kit with Extra Baggie


Jen T said...

In case I ever had any doubt, this packing list convinces me I am NOT cut out to be an ultra runner. All this planning would take the fun out of running! (plus it looks really heavy)

Anonymous said...

I might not need that much water. Indian Creek would normally be amkle-deep this time of year from what I understand (never having been there myself), but this year, who knows? I had this terrible vision of me wringing out damp clumps of moss into a water bottle. It's really dry here.

You should check out Leah Thorvilson's account of running the forth fastest 50-mile by an American woman. I've become quite a fan of hers not because she's fast, but because she commandeered an abandoned aid station after finishing and then improvised a finish line from her own supplies after the race director removed the arch and timing mats and bailed. What a crock!


Martijn said...

Don't you need something to eat? Or is that the reason it's called a Death Run? Anyway, good luck!

Dave Renfro said...

Thanks, Martijn! If I get hungry on my run, I can just eat the two Clif bars, or a clump of damp moss, if I can find one.

Martijn said...

Or kill a badger barehanded and eat it raw. Man, you are so tough!

red dirt girl said...

So what happened on the death run ??? Did you die ??? Noooooooo!!!