Sunday, February 26, 2012

Training Log

Sunday, February 26th: 20 miles trail at Hobbs, 4:10:00 Killer run today. It was about 60 degrees at the end, sunny and windy.

Only two noteworthy events occurred. The first was at mile 15 or so when I came across a freshly soiled diaper left right on the side of the trail. In the hundred or so miles I've hiked or run at Hobbs, this is no kidding the first scrap of trash I've ever seen. You will not find a cigarette butt, a condom wrapper, or even the tab off an energy gel at Hobbs. The trail is spotless! But today, I guess some white trash piece of shit thought it was acceptable to leave a used diaper on the side of the trail. No matter, though, because when I go trail running I carry toilet paper and a ziplock bag. I put the diaper in the ziplock, burped as much air out of it as I could, and stuffed it into the tiny pocket on my hydration pack so I could get it off the trail.

The next noteworthy event was a cramp in my upper leg that happened as I was descending to creek level on Dutton Hollow, about two miles from the end of the run. I've had cramps before but nothing like this one! It wasn't terribly painful, but it made my leg completely useless. I wasn't sure what to do, but I figured since the leg had been in the same position doing the same motion for three and a half hours, I ought to let it be in a different position. I hobbled inch by inch to a fallen log about twenty feet away and sat down with my knees bent. The big muscle on the top inside of my leg was clenching into a knot, then releasing, clenching into a knot, then releasing. I ate my last Endurolyte capsule, drank some water, and just sat there for about five minutes wondering how long it would take me to unkink myself. Eventually I was able to get up and start taking pitiful six-inch steps as the trail wound around at creek level. The climb out of Dutton Hollow is steep, rocky, continuous, and generally a real bitch even without a leg cramp. With a cramp, it was a slow accumulation of altitude done inches at a time, but then feet at a time. By the time the trail began leveling off, leveling off being a relative term when you're at Hobbs, I was actually feeling pretty good. I tried running a few times but my calves this time decided to go into spasms whenever I did. After another half mile of walking I finished the Dutton Hollow loop and only had half a mile back to the car. I broke into a run and my legs felt fine all the way in, fine being a relative term after running twenty miles at Hobbs.

The banana I had in my lunch box back at my car sure tasted good!

Total for Feb 19 - Feb 26: 30 miles
f/5.6; 1/400sec; ISO-100; no flash.


Martijn said...

Awesome! There is just no stopping you. Neither a soiled diaper, nor messed up muscles will stop you. Sounds dangerous for injuries, running on after cramps. I did that once and could even walk for a few weeks. But I am of far weaker build I think.

Very impressive again!

red dirt girl said...

Wow Dave, you've become a running BEAST! and a clean one, too. Kudos to you for picking up someone else's dirty business - what a shame.

Drink more water - it's supposed to help with cramping.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, guys!


Jen T said...

Gee, sounds like fun--dirty diapers and leg cramps!

Anonymous said...

It's great fun, Jen! You ought to come try it sometime. It's my turn to go your direction first, though. Still thinking about the Hottest Half? That would be fun!

Thanks for stopping by!