Sunday, February 19, 2012

Training Log

Sunday, February 19th: 9+ miles at Fayetteville Lake, all trail.

Fastest trail run yet for me and the first run of the year in shorts and a T-shirt. Felt great! Was supposed to play around with the new camera today but the lighting was no good. Not a cloud in the sky. Hopefully next weekend will be drearier and I can hammer two laps of the Little Clifty loop at Hobbs for about 18 miles. At least that's the plan!

Total for Jan 30 - Feb 5: 22 miles
Total for Feb 6 - Feb 12: 16 Miles
Total for Feb 13 - Feb 19: 16 miles


Martijn said...

I like your training log. Inspirational.

red dirt girl said...

Go Dave! I'm seriously impressed!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Martijn, mule friend! I think my training logs will need to get more inspirational and more impressive before June gets here or my 50k dreams may turn into 50k nightmares!

Thanks, guys!


Martijn said...

The inspirational part for me was the factualness of the blog. I wish I could do that. I don't know what's keeping me from just telling straight facts about my life. It must be a combination of fear and a deep-rooted idea that I'm not interesting. Both things are wrong.

Those 50k will be glorious! That can not fail.