Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sign Fail

Alternate title: "Why I Carry Maps."
Quiz: If you wanted to go to the War Eagle Valley Loop, would you turn to the right or go straight?


Jen T said...

I would go right, and I'd probably be completely wrong.

Anonymous said...

I also rightly turned right but that's because I had looked at the map at the trailhead. You can't go wrong going either way, though. The trail is splendid either way!

Anonymous said...

It occurs to me now that this sign only annoys me because I've read too many W. Edwards Demming books.


carl duewall said...

Be a pioneer and blaze your own trail...

bulletholes said...

My trucks two gas tanks are labelled much the same. The first time I ran out of gas (24 hours after buying the truck) i had to call the owner to find out which direction the pointer should go.
"North" he said.
So I put the pointer to point straight up.
It didnt work.
The pointer is located on a panel under the drivers seat and above the the floorboard between the drivers seat and the drivers side door.
So I called him again and he assured me that north was the direction it should be pointing.
It still wasnt working, I must have primed the SOB with half a gallon of gas so before I replaced the fuel pump or did a complete engine rebuild I asked him if by North he meant straight up.
He said no, north meant pointing towards the front of the truck. That would have been west to me, but hey! I may know maps pretty well, but I'm no mechanic.

red dirt girl said...

ugh. i would have gone straight ....apparently i'm not that logical.

happy valentine's day <3