Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dave Mows Grass on Values

I'd actually been to Pack Rat several times looking at trekking poles just to familiarize myself with the Leki product line. I've had a Leki Wanderfreund for many years and the damn thing is indestructable, so I wanted to shop carefully to get the exact right trekking poles. I would be stuck with them forever!

Anyway, I was messing around on the internet and noticed Moosejaw had last year's "Trail" model on clearance for only $60 which is a terrific price. I had played with the 2012 Trail model at Pack Rat and liked the feel of them but I didn't really care for the bright red and white color scheme. The 2011 version at Moosejaw is identical mechanically but has much more understated black and gold paint. I still wasn't ready to order, though. I needed to feel the grips in my hands and "spend some time" with my future trekking poles before making such an important purchase, so I went back to Pack Rat.

After half an hour of looking and feeling, I narrowed it down to the Trail model and a similar set with a different grip shape. I walked around with them both, adjusted the lengths, adjusted the straps, and otherwise got to know each of them for a while. In the end, I settled on the Trail model, exactly like the ones Moosejaw had on clearance except with a paint scheme I didn't like quite as much.

I like Pack Rat. I am personal friends with several Pack Rat employees. I enjoyed spending more than an hour "experiencing" trekking poles that Pack Rat actually had in stock. The total with tax was about $110.



red dirt girl said...

Pack Rat sounds so cool.... ummm.....errrr.....what exactly are trekking poles used for?? I know I should know this, but all I can think of is walking ...Help!


Anonymous said...

Trekking poles are used for walking, especially walking with a pack. They take some of the strain off your legs and knees. The more steep and technical the trail, the more they help. You definitely need a set for those East Texas alpine adventures up above the tree line!

You're tops, mule friend. Thanks for stopping by! ~Dave

carl duewall said...

Fancy sticks.

Anonymous said...

Some people buy fancy cars;I buy fancy sticks. Hi, Carl!

red dirt girl said...

thanks, Dave .....! Hard to believe I'm almost 50 and still have so much to learn!!