Saturday, February 04, 2012

Anyone want to go for a little jog with me?


Martijn said...

Please tell me that is the amount they pay YOU to run!

Jen T said...

You are officially insane.

Anonymous said...

Martijn, Jen, you are both right. Only a madman would pay to go running at Hobbs State Park when everyone knows you can go running there for free on any other day of the year.

Ferdinand VIII, King of Spain

Martijn said...

When is this running commencing? April 43rd in the year 2000?

Ha ha, great one, Dave!

red dirt girl said...

You are insane ..... but I like it!

good luck.
i'll prefer to lie in my bed and read all about it when you post the results on your blog .... :)


Dave Renfro said...

Thanks for the good wishes, mule friend!