Sunday, February 26, 2012

Make it like gears, Daddy!

Photography has never been my passion, but do enjoy taking pictures and would like to get better at it. If the Dave of just a few years ago got on a photography kick, the Dave who explored new hobbies to ruinous excess, time after time, knowing full well the risks he was inflicting upon his family's already precarious financial situation by doing so, he would have immediately gone out and bought a mid-level digital SLR and then congratulated himself for not buying the most expensive camera available. Then would come flashes, tripods, reflective umbrellas, and lenses, many of which would go unused and eventually be sold on ebay or just thrown away.

The Dave of now, the Dave who has learned that actually doing an activity brings more satisfaction than simply owning the equipment related to that activity, he went out and bought the absolute best camera he could get for under a hundred dollars, a Canon PowerShot A3300 IS point-and-shoot. I like that Dave better.

I just love the camera! The controls are very intuitive, it has a large aperture, and so far at least it seems to take great pictures. I took these as the sun was setting behind the Tyson building but was still lighting the trees and the top storey of our apartments. Tough lighting conditions, but I thought they came out decent:

f/2.8; 1/80 sec; ISO-200; no flash.

f/4; 1/400 sec; ISO-400; no flash.


Martijn said...

You bought wisely I think. Not that I know anything about cameras, only that have owned a Canon for a few years and when it broke down, I bought another Canon. I am a big believer in Canon. Canon! And yes, your photographs are great and perhaps a good motivator for writing lots as well.

red dirt girl said...

great photos!! love that little guy!

hi Dave!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, guys! Yeah, maybe just having my new snap-o-matic will inspire me to resuscitate my floundering blog. I hope so!