Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Sucks!

I took these pictures Wednesday afternoon after we got slammed with 20" of snow in five hours. I think you can see from our faces what a terrible, exhausting drag this storm has been. We're all completely miserable and want the snow to end!

There is no such thing as "playing in snow." It is an utterly useless substance which is always either too powdery or too wet to mold into any structure containing any functional or aesthetic value, no matter what implements you use to form it, as you can see.

People think it's funny to pick up kids and throw them into the snow. It is not! They think it is fun for the kid, too. I think the look on my terrified son's face shows that it absolutely is not!

Traversing through unbroken snow is exhausting and dangerous.

Sometimes you fall.

Snow buries vehicles and makes roads impassible.

This face is saying, "Get me out of this inhospitable, white muck!"

There is absolutely no way to keep that freezing muck from packing into your pant legs.

Even if you're riding in a laundry basket!

The utter dreadfulness of a big snow makes some people crack, sending them into self-destructive seizures . . .

. . . freezing their faces!


Anonymous said...

If I didn't know any better, I'd come to think snow is the best thing in the world for fabulous family fun!

Great pictures too. A joy to watch.


Dave Mows Grass said...

Yeah, it was pretty fun! Supposed to be warm this weekend so soon it will all be gone. My schedule isn't going to work out but my buddies are all planning for some big snow melt paddling on the Mulberry or even Richland Creek. Oh, well. I guess I'll catch it next time! Hi Martijn!

Rod's Duck Farm said...

Ya'll look great in your color coordinated winter outfits!

red dirt girl said...

damn! we didn't even get half an inch of the wondrous mucky white fluff. just ice on the roads for half a day which warranted schools' out and a day off of work- ha! looks like fun ... cold fun.

bulletholes said...

No such thing as snow.

Martijn said...

Snow Rules! Whoohoo.