Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I Got Both Cars Scraped!

I'm the only one. This chick across the way came out and hacked at hers few times but never even got a door open. She lacked commitment to the task. That, and she probably thinks layering has to do with baking cakes, not keeping warm. My buddy next door came out with his slacks and slip-on dress shoes. He got as far as unlocking his car and I helped him tug on the top of the door for a few seconds. To him, that constituted a good-faith effort to try to get to the furniture store where he works. Think of the sales he will miss by calling in today! But me, I stayed outside until the job was done. Four inches of something like frozen apple sauce fell in the time it took to clean just one car for a total of about twice that. Now I can sit back and enjoy the two days of vacation I took because only a lunatic would attempt to drive anywhere today. Only a lunatic would even bother to scrape his car!


Carl Duewall said...

"commitment to the task"; "good faith effort"

Martijn said...

You parked next to a fire hydrant. Isn't that illegal in America? However, high admiration for scraping cars you won't even use! That'll be some sweet sweet holiday!

bulletholes said...

Good job Davy! Got electricity?