Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Got Mine Out!

It wasn't that hard once the sun came out and the snow became more packable. Apparently my good neighbors all have the sense not to bother, knowing they wouldn't be fired for calling in just one more day. We did get almost two feet of snow, after all!


Carl Duewall said...

"I was lookin' for a job when I found this one." What?

Rod's Duck Farm said... you just did the hokey pokey and stomped it down? What did you do with the excess snow? Or is that what I see all over the neighbors' cars? Looks a little bit like "surgically removed snow". I'm thinking extraterrestrial beans .... or maybe pintos or garbanzos. Great accomplishment, however it happened.

Dave Mows Grass said...

I'm not too worried about my job, Carl. They declared Wednesday and Thursday to be "snow days" which means I won't get any occurences, occurences being the sole measurment of employee value.

And Rod, you hit it on the head! I waited till the sun came out and the snow became more compactable. Then I did the hokey-pokey and stomped it down. I was quite proud, in fact, of how little my efforts would impact the ease or difficulty of my beloved neighbors' snow clearing efforts, which I suspect won't start till Sunday when it's supposed to be in the sixties. I did move the snow, but I moved it closed to the earth only. None was moved to either side!

Rod's Duck Farm said...

Wow ...... Gravity assist! What a plan!

Anonymous said...

That's a work of snow clearing genius, is what that is. I commend you!

Anonymous said...

That was me on the previous comment by the way.

UF Mike