Monday, March 19, 2012

Training Log

Wednesday, March 14th: Boatball season opener!
Last year I wore a drysuit for the season opener because the temperature was barely above freezing. This year I wore a T-shirt. It felt like May or June water! It was wonderful to actually paddle a kayak again after six months of nothing but running and biking. My kayaking muscles got tired quickly but I was shocked by how I could sprint from end to end without even breathing hard. I guess my four-hour death runs at Hobbs have been paying off!

Sunday, March 18th: 12 miles, mostly trail.
Couldn't get away for a long run but did sneak in two easy laps of Lake Fayetteville this afternoon. I'm still learning how to keep my body happy during long runs so being able to train in such warm weather this early in the year is a great gift. Until I get these two races behind me, I've decided to configure my runs so I'll pass by my car (aid station) every six to nine miles. That way I can continue to train using the smaller hydration pack I plan to use in the races. Today I actually practiced pulling the bladder out of my pack and getting it ready to refill just as I was arriving at my trunk. I also simulated eating a boiled potato and bullshitting with the race volunteers in what I imagined was classic ultra-running fashion, never having run an ultra before. I spent about two minutes at my car and was off again. An easy run, but what fun!

Total for Mar 12th - Mar 18th: 12 miles.

f/5.9; 1/125 sec; ISO-80.


carl duewall said...

"Simulated Bullshit".

Martijn said...

Cayakking looks like a whale of fun. Absolutely wonderful. The only thing I wonder is... is it possible to attach a cupholder to it, for beverages.

(B.T.W. what happened to the skate boarding?)

Dave Renfro said...

You're right Carl, my bullshit is not really bullshit at all! How's things?

Skateboarding exists quietly, in the dark. Hi Martijn!