Sunday, March 11, 2012

Training Log

Monday, March 5th: 11 mile night run on sidewalks in right at two hours. Peed in the big culvert next to Tyson world headquarters. Longest hard surface run since the Fayetteville half and no hint of a shin splint. Switching to a mid-foot strike has cured me!

Tuesday, March 6th: Two miles on the Mud Creek Trail (paved) with Mrs. DMG on her birthday. Donald's OT is late enough on Tuesdays that I can get home from work, grab a quick shower, and still go with them to therapy. It's become our one-hour date night! One hour is enough to make it to Taco Bell and back or to run about two miles at the nearby trail. She ran the whole way which made me very proud. Super fun!

Saturday, March 10th: 19 miles at Hobbs, 4:10:00. Absolutely brutal! I planned my course to bunch several really steep descents and climbs late in the run. It was in the low 60s which is warmer than it's been for my other long runs and I was a bit casual with my hydration, carrying only 1.5 liters of water. I managed what I had well, drinking my last gulp about half a mile from my car, but I did get slightly dehydrated. No big deal, just some minor cramping and such, but I'm definitely going to heed the warning! Next time I'll take my larger 2.0 liter hydration pack and also carry a 1 liter soft water bottle as an emergency reserve. I might need more than that as the weather gets warmer. It's a terrible feeling having to manage water when I'm five miles and three big climbs away from my car!

Sunday, March 11th: Rest day.

Total for Mar 5 - Mar 11: 32 miles.


Jen T said...

Training log: Sunday, March 11

Last long run, and possibly last run, before running 26.2 next weekend:

10 miles on treadmill at 24-Hour Fitness, beginning at 10:45 pm and ending around 12:45 am.

My first double-digit TM run ever!

Hydration plan: I carried no water whatsoever, no camelbacks of any size, and no bottles on the TM. I have enough trouble lugging my own self around without adding unnecessary weight. After my 10 miles were done, I simply walked across the gym to the drinking fountain. Your life would be much simpler if you tried this approach!

Gym was empty when I arrived. Big rush around 11:30, and the whole back row of TMS filled up. Then they all disappeared, and I was all alone for the last 3 miles.

How do you think my scenery compared to yours?


Anonymous said...

How cool! Ten miles on a treadmill would be brutal, especially if they were showing Fox News on the big screen. One does what one has to, I guess. Good luck on the 26.2!

You rock, Jen!


Martijn said...

You are running serious distances now. Do you feel like it's getting easier? Can you run further, and with less tongue-on-shoes fatique?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Martijn! Running is getting easier, especially since I changed my technique to a mid-foot strike. The main thing I've noticed is that I recover much faster. I still have constant, tongue-on-shoes fatigue, but it's my life in general that causes that. That ain't ever going to go away!

You rock!


bulletholes said...

You are a Monsterman!

Shawn said...

10 miles on any terrain is way, way super! My old knees and back wouldn't make it without my wheels.

Water is my No.1 problem. I lug 98#s of gear on my bike and 16 of that is water. I run out in a day (40 miles) unless I replenish along the way. I need a quart or two of an "ade" drink as well or I won't 'recycle' correctly.

One of the rules I learned for water, heat and stress in the Navy is "Keep Your Waste Clear!" (if you get the meaning) A great guide for long-term health.

Love & God's Grace

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Shawn! I'd love to hear more about your bike trip sometime. More than that, I'd like to actually try to ride 40 miles on a bike carrying a hundred pounds of gear, even for a single day. You must be carved from steel!

Godspeed, brother!