Monday, March 26, 2012

An Experiment in Editorial Neutrality

Dave Mows Grass would like to wish Vice President Cheney a speedy recovery and improved cardiovascular health following his successful heart transplant procedure.


Jen T said...


Anonymous said...

My most inspired writing in years and all I get is question marks? Damn, tough crowd!

Hi, Sis!

Jen T said...

I'm not questioning your sentiments--in fact I agree with them completely and wish Mr. Cheney the very best. It just seemed such an un-Dave-like thing to write about.

I observed that your post title included the words "experiment" and "neutrality", neither of which seems to characterize your reply to my question marks. When a scientist conducts an experiment, he should not harbor preconceived expectations for the results. (But I'm sure you already knew this)

Martijn said...

I'd call it an experiment in the filed of crushing experimental sarcasm if I didn't know any better and your good nature. Hi Dave and Dave's Sister Jen.

Martijn said...

'filed' = field. Why can't I write like a human being?!

Dave Renfro said...

I'm not a scientist and this was not a scientific experiment. This was an experiment in editorial neutrality the same way Dick Cheney getting a heart is an experiment in irony.

I think I've just blown my neutrality here. While we're at it, how about a different headline:

"Long-time Torture Advocate has Change of Heart"

That's not too harsh, is it?

Maritjn, meet Jen. Jen, meet Martijn. Love you guys!


Jen T said...

Hi Martijn, glad to meet you!!

Dave, I will restrict my comment on your revised headline to this: Much more Dave-like (not saying good or bad)

bulletholes said...

Someone on TV a few days ago asked how Cheney was able to eat with his Darth Vader mask on.