Sunday, March 07, 2010

Fisher's Ford: Fantastic Fun!

Ryan Dugger is an expert photographer. By tilting the camera just so, he added the illusion of gradient to this shot making this play wave look very slightly less non-threatening than it really is.

Ryan dropping into the effluent!

Here's me in the kiddie wave!

Ryan is better at paddling than I am at taking pictures. He'd just done a huge loop but I missed it and just got this picture of him flushing out instead. Really!

This is the set-up position for the Renfro death roll. Don't believe the hype about getting your rolling blade above the water. It's not necessary at all.

This is the finishing position for the Renfro death roll. Proper rolling technique is for ballerinas. All you need to do is clamp your eyes shut, lean back to sink the stern, and muscle your ass up!

Ryan and I would like to thank all the fine citizens of Northwest Arkansas for showering and flushing their toilets so we could spend the first warm day of the year having fun in our playboats!


Anonymous said...

That looks like fun. Was the water, like, freezing?

UF Mike

red dirt girl said...

i admire the willing way you sink under water, knowing you'll muscle your way back up. Me? i sink like a stone.

yeah - isn't the water freezing ???

Dave Mows Grass said...

Mucho funno! And no, the water was not freezing; it was above freezing, but what's a little ice cream headache on the first day of Spring! And I did not willingly go underwater, by the way. I gave it a good fight for at least half a second!