Friday, July 10, 2009

Policy Memo - Hot Tickets

Being as shorthanded as we are, it's becoming a challenge to serve all of our customers in a timely manner as business increases. We often need to expedite certain jobs to take care of our best customers or new customers we can't afford to loose. We identify these jobs by stapling an orange hot ticket to the work order. The problem we're having lately is that about two-thirds of our work orders have hot tickets stapled to them. This frustrates our brain operators who have no way of knowing which of the hot jobs is the hottest. For this reason, we will now limit ourselves to two hot tickets per right brain and two per left brain. This means that each brain cell could have as many as four hot tickets but only two per brain, the job that is running and the job that is first in the queue. For extremely hot jobs initiated by me, we will still use the informal "dave job" designation that has emerged but dave jobs will also receive a hot ticket. We will no longer have the dave job plus the two hot jobs in the same queue. These new procedures will help us clarify priorities so we can produce the most critical gibberish first. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Dave Renfro, CEO

Controlled document. Not for distribution.


bulletholes said...

I need to leave early today.

walter wardlow said...

could you break us off a block of instruction in the DMG document numbering system please?