Sunday, July 12, 2009

An eBay Prayer

Oh, God of my Misunderstanding, please give me the strength to resist buying this BMX bike frame with the money I made selling my bagpipe music books.


bulletholes said...
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bulletholes said...

Davy, this retail therapy is only leading you deeper into your addiction.
You have substituted widgets for marbles, Hot Rods for bikes, Bagpipes for welding, guitars for 'pipes, drums for guitars, skates for drums, hockey sticks for fishing poles, kayaks for Hockey sticks; You have gone from just using to selling, selling to manufacturing, manufacturing gibberish even.
Even now you are rationalizing all this with some grand scheme which I am sure you wil detail in great length very soon.
Walk towards the light, Davy, walk towards the light.

Anonymous said...

Ditto what bulletholes said. You played BAGPIPES??????

UF Mike

Dave Mows Grass said...

Yeah, I'm addicted to activities that bring meaning to my life, like frisbee golf. I just can't shake it!

bulletholes said...

Mike, Davy played Pipes alright. At his sisters wedding, instead of the organ prelude, you could hear bagpipes from a distance. it was Davy, all the way out in the parking lot. The sound grew louder as he appraoched the church, entered the Building and walked down the aisle in full Scottish regalia. When he got to the front he did a miltary style turn with the last notes echoing in the rafters and choir loft. Then the bride came down the aisle.
Coolest shit I ever saw.
I have pictures of it somewhere.