Thursday, March 07, 2013

(Trip report to follow.)

The battery on my Garmin ran out before I finished my little OHT hike, but Tim Ernst's guidebook puts the distance at not quite 25 miles. I'm going with that because he's wheeled the entire trail twice. The Garmin samples position periodically rather than continuously causing smoothing of switchbacks and such, short-changing my mileage by several percent. No problem. It took me about eight and a half hours. Nice hike!


Martijn said...

Wonderful, Dave! Making me jealous per usual of course. I wish there was some nature around where I live. All the wilderness is in my head though.

Do you still make photographs? I'd like to see more of Arkansas, and your view of it.

Dave Renfro said...

Dang! I have a few pictures but I can't seem to blog this hike. It simply was not bloggable. Great hike! Just not bloggable for some reason. Perhaps because I still had energy left at the end of it. I went a little bit too conservative.

I will try again tomorrow, but it may be just a quick photo dump. Thanks for stopping by, pal!

Martijn said...

I saw 'True Grit' last night. The film was set in Arkansas, perhaps filmed there too. Great film (feast of language!). Great landscape as well.

But this has nothing to do with anything... just a little connection.

marc said...

I hope you're referring to the 1969 version.

The murder of Frank Ross took place in Arkansas, but the pursuit of Tom Chaney was in Oklahoma (known then as Indian Territory.)

The actual filming, however, took place in Colorado and California.

Martijn said...

Nope, it was the Coen Bros one. I still liked it though. Don't tell me the old timer maniak in the bear costume is a Canadian actor named Fred or something. Hey!