Sunday, March 10, 2013

OHT Photo Dump

Last Tuesday's little OHT jaunt was not worth writing up, other than to say my chance of dying on the hike was fantastically slim. The wind chill was below freezing the whole way but I was carrying enough clothing to survive the night if something happened. I had photos of maps on my camera. I had food. I had a water filter. I left a hike plan with Mrs. DMG and adhered to it. I managed the whole experience with such a nod to caution that there simply was no way it would become an adventure. I wanted a really fun 25-mile hike, and that's all I had. I did snap a few pictures, though, so I guess I'll post them:

I started at the Hwy 23 trailhead and hiked west to Spirits Creek and back.

Obligatory rock house photo.

I took my shoes off to cross Fane Creek the first time but did the proper thing and got my shoes wet on the way back.

Amazingly, I did not see a single deer. I did see three turkeys and a rabbit, though.

Spirits Creek.

This is where I turned around. A more adventurous soul would have pressed on to White Rock Mountain.

Funny, it was an early morning kayak trade that precipitated this whole safe, measured outdoor experience. I won't get into it.


Jen T said...

Looks gorgeous! I think I've stayed within a 5-mile radius of my apartment for the whole week.

(sorry, I tried to think of a clever comment but failed.)

Martijn said...

True grit! Thanks for sharing, Dave.

Martijn said...

I like "Potato Knob Mountain" and wonder who has named it.

Martijn said...

If there had been a mountain in Holland, it should be named Potato Knob Mountain too.

Perhaps I should build it myself...

red dirt girl said...

I see you've been posting as manically as I have during the last month .... :P

Kafka would have loved the K-1 Fiance' Visa process.

And airport security.

Will this waiting hell ever end ???


red dirt girl said...

I did leave a comment here, but it seems lost to the nether regions of the intertent.