Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting Faster!

Nice little run today. I took about 50 seconds off my average moving pace from two weeks ago and felt better doing it!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Dave. Sounds like you really enjoyed it. I was wondering how your run went. Mom

red dirt girl said...

I'm with Mom on this one :)

How can you run and not end up with aching knees ???

Everytime I attempted running, I ended up with severe knee issues. Some of us aren't meant to fly I guess...


Martijn said...

You'll be able to run around the world in no time.

Dave Renfro said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Sorry I don't have anything blogworthy for you. The next shot at it will probably be my planned death run in early March, if I'm physically able to sit in this computer chair afterwards. I might not be.