Sunday, February 10, 2013

Couldn't resist!

Had to do some speed work today:

How could I possibly have burned 400 more calories this week on the Don than I did last week at Hobbs running the same distance? I think my watch is broken.


Martijn said...

Jesus* , that's all so precise and magnificent, this GPS! And imagine the possibilities of this technology for biological research for instance. If only there was a way of having humpback whales wear watches, I could find groundbreaking data.

Keep on running!

*Pardon my Latin... now that The Job will be vacant soon, I'm getting excited about it. If they choose me, I won't say no again.

Dave Renfro said...

You would be the best pope ever, Martijn, and they would be fools to select anyone else. After all, it was you more than anyone else shapped my understanding of God, a concept which had largely escaped me before you did. (See my favorite quotations on Facebook.)

Thanks for checking out my tedious run!

Martijn said...

If you are serious that I have transferred some of my theological hunches on you, I'd be really excited! (Not even a joke here, although everything is.)

But anyway: damnit, I can't see your quotes anymore since I quit facebook again. Yes, I know: again. I don't know if there's an American equivalent, but in Holland there was a singer called Heintje Davids, who announced her retirement from performing many times and still came back every time. It became a true saying: he or she is 'the Heintje Davids of' such and such. I'm the Heintje Davids of Facebook.

Perhaps Michael Jordan can be considdered a substitute, but Heintje Davids was a third rate singer and Sir Michael a flying God. I think America is too big for third rate celebrities (although the current generation seems to love them).

Now what can that quote of yours be... ? Hmmm. And what will be my papal name?

Martijn said...

Was it my religion equation?

Belief (B)=(∞ hope x 1/4 fantasy)- (∑ ratio)

Dave Renfro said...

First you help shape my understanding of the Almighty, now you help me quantify it. You are a true prophet, Martijn.

And then there's this:,31248/

Martijn said...

Oh yes, of course, the imaginary echo. Ha, I still like that one (perhaps because you like it, otherwise I had just forgotten about it and now it was just me enjoying the remnant smell of my farts hê hê). But in truth: I may seem a naughty blasphemer (which I am), but I only mock that which I love. There's something grand and beautiful about Greatnesses larger than Reality. Like: Love, Nature, The Maple Leafs, Art… Yes, as long as there are those, God is not dead, just sick and ‘endorsed by a clown’.

And although I laughed at the Onion article ("I now lack the capacity to continue guiding this faith back centuries"), I sort of admire this pope for standing back. Imagine a dictator with the insight to see he's Not the right Man for the Spot... and this one believes he was appointed by God. Man! First one to do so in 600 years… wow.

Anyhow, I have a very tolerant and lenient view towards the Catholics and Pope I must admit. Of course, it's bad what he says about AIDS, gays and abusers, the Holocaust and whatnot, but I try to practise some of that brotherly love and don’t want to cast the first stone et cetera… and I see him as some sort of doomed figure who hás to preach that kind of ancient cult, which is basically 88% love and 12% conformism… and they have to do it against the hordes of people who are 2% tolerance, 10% hate and 88% conformism. Pot kettle! Not meaning you of course, but the general population… I know you are wonderfully tolerant.

I do wish that the Catholic faith would step up and adapt some level headed warmth (being gay can not be against ‘God’s plan’, can it? And saying you’re sorry for child abuse does not make you less credible as a priest!)… but I don’t think Catholics, or other religions, are worse in this type of hatred (fear) than non-religious people. They are just more easily targeted because of the dresses & pointed hats. Ah well, it’s getting a bit long now and I don’t think I’ll be elected Pope just yet, or form a cult of my own, so I just have to start blessing things here in the privacy my own home, just for me and for the great Yodel. Bless you and this blog, Dave.

red dirt girl said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Dave!

you're tops in my book, too!

Jen T said...

2200 calories in three and a half hours? I just don't buy it. How did it figure the calories? Heart rate monitor, or just distance/time/elevation? Mine I know will estimate calories if I use the HRM strap, which I've only done once.

'Fraid I didn't follow the theological conversation. Perhaps it's because I've never had a Facebook account, or perhaps it would have been incomprehensible anyway.

Martijn, so glad there's another non-Facebooker our there!