Sunday, August 26, 2012

An Entertaining Blog Entry

It can be sad, confusing, even heartbreaking. Very often, no one or no thing did anything wrong. By logic, by gut, every part of you believed it would work, and you had good reason to think it would. You struggle and struggle, you fail and fail. Why does something which seems so right go so wrong, time after time, despite both of your sincere efforts. There is no explanation. Eventually, you realize it's time to move on.

It hurts, letting go, but you know what happens? Sometimes, as you are drowning in a sense of loss and failure, you suddenly find the thing that really does work for you. You find the thing you never would have found had you not mustered the courage to abandon the familiar and grasp the unknown.

Today I switched from Endurolytes to S!Caps.


Martijn said...

I know you couldn't possibly had this in mind, but this post of yours fits like a glove over my action of today to quit facebook. But you know how to say it!

I hope to write my own motivation soon... thanks Dave for this unintentional support (apart from all the real and intentional support you give).

carl duewall said...

We always ask "why?". But what we want is relief.

Dave Renfro said...

Martijn, you can't quit Facebook! If you do, who else will point out that German people can't pronounce squirrel?

You're welcome.

Dave Renfro said...

Most likely, we will never know why. Nor will we find relief. That is the human condition.

Hi, Carl. Response forthcoming to earlier post.

Martijn said...

That is precisely one more reason I SHOULD quit, apart from the 1001 I had come up with. All the nonsense was causing me to loose what little mind I had left. Now I'm free. I am released... and reliefed.

(Just a little shaken and down from giving up all 'human' contact.)