Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day

I support the right of bigots, non-bigots, and any other lovers of chicken to celebrate Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day tomorrow. My traditional spouse and I (traditional in the sense that we are of opposite gender, non-traditional in the sense that we have dissimilar skin color, an issue which to my knowledge has never been publicly raised by Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy) will be trying Zaxby's for the first time. I hear it's delicious!

Zaxby's uses 100% hate-free chicken.


Martijn said...

Interesting stuff. I follow some of your posts as a speed telecourse in the American Life. Ice Hockey, fast food, bigotry, all not new to me but still exotic.

The future will laugh at us, of that there is no doubt. "You know, kidz ('kidz' will be the only approved spelling by then, when the chikin mafia has taken over)... in the 21st century people of the same sex could not be married! Yes, I know..."

When the Chick-fil-A boss said in the article 'and we are married to our first wives' I honestly thought he was going to say 'first cousins', I really did!

Zax Sauce doesn't sound right.

Bon appetite! and post some of the riots on Facebook if you will. Or here.

red dirt girl said...


i, living under a rock, of course had no idea why the lines in front of chik-fil-a were so MASSIVELY long on my lunch break. so i went to see Wendy instead ....

why oh why do people feel the need to proclaim judgment ???

i think i hear a lot of glass houses breaking ....


Dave Renfro said...

Yeah, Martijn, we're making progress here but it is slow. We can only graduate so many disabused young adults a year and kill off so many Taliban clerics a year. As it turns out, hating fags is good for business in the United States. Most Chick-fil-A locations were completely jammed from open to close with paying customers during Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. White, conservative Christians are an ethnic minority here, but they are a loud one with lots of money.

RDG, I hear the breaking houses, too. They are loud because they are desparate!

Thanks for stopping by!