Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meet the Don Tyson!

There aren't many pictures to take of the Don Tyson Parkway from Johnson Road to Kent Dobbs Hyundai, but I got a few just so you can see what will be my running home for the next few months. I'm in the middle of a five-day vacation that has already included a 7-year birthday party for Donald at Chuck E. Cheese and a hot night of camping at Devil's Den. We have more fun planned for Monday and Tuesday so I didn't want to overdo it today, just a quick four-lapper in 97-degree heat. There wasn't a cloud in the sky which meant perfect lighting conditions to capture the essence of summertime running on the Don Tyson. There's nowhere to hide!

Looking east from the starting line at Johnson Road.

Coming up on the aid station at the west side of the railroad bridge. You can just see the top of the retaining wall hiding my water and supplies.

Looking back at the aid station. I had a 1.5 liter pack today so I didn't even need my gallon of water. I needed it on my ten-lapper the other day, though!

Looking east towards Kent Dobbs from the top of the railroad bridge where Cambridge dead-ends into Don Tyson. Don't let the wide zoom fool you; the whole out-and-back distance is very close to 1.355 miles, which is not very far.

The turnaround point at Kent Dobbs Hyundai

Looking west from Kent Dobbs back to Cambridge and the railroad bridge.

The best scenery of the run, looking south from the railroad bridge.

The light at Cambridge.

Looking back toward Johnson Road from the end of the bridge where the aid station is.

The finish line at Johnson road. For longer runs, there will be a short length of duct tape on the light panel and a sharpie for recording laps.

I'm all ready, now bring the heat!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Donald! You look GREAT in your pictures.
Quack, Quack!

red dirt girl said...

That's right - Happy Birthday to the little guy. It appears that awesomeness runs in the family!


Martijn said...

You're a maniac. I like that very much. Happy birthday from me too, for the whole family. I looked up Don Tyson (not knowing who he is)... funny that Food Tycon Billionaires get streets named after them. In France, almost every city has the Rue Jean Jaur├Ęs and Rue (or Avenue or Place) Gambetta and I still have to look up who they were. I'll do it now. Cool runnings, Dave!

Dave Renfro said...

Yeah, Donald is pretty awesome! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

And Martijn, Don Tyson deserves to have a street named after him for all he's done for the community. Thanks to him, anyone in Springdale who wants a shitty, low-paying job can find one.

Jen T said...

Looks like a fun route. If you need some heat, Houston has some I can send!