Friday, December 31, 2010

The Drought is Over!

I wasn't real optimistic, but my friend Rob from Fort Smith had a hunch that Blackburn Creek got hit with enough rain to bring Lee Creek up. I knew his hunches were far better informed than my hunches so I loaded up the kayak and headed out. Turns out about a dozen of us had the same hunch and were rewarded with the prettiest brown water we've seen on Lee Creek since spring! The gauge, 30 miles downstream in Oklahoma, just broke four feet which is barely runnable but the section we were on was running more like seven feet. We caught it right on the swell! It was cool to be able to paddle with the Fort Smith crew again and to finally test out my 40th birthday present on some moving water. I've had a pristine, scratch-free Jackson 4Fun kayak sitting in my dry and desolate closet since August, begging for rain. The rain came on New Year's Eve!

A picture of Nick watching as Rob takes a picture of Don surfing a wave.


Martijn said...

It looks absolutely great, with fun & shouting and a tinkeling sensation when all is over and the boats are back on the car roof (which is the way I imagine people transport those things, although perhaps they fit your car, some people have Big Cars) and beers to celebrate heroics and comradery. Great to see.

red dirt girl said...

Wayyy coool !!

Dave Mows Grass said...

Yeah, it was pretty cool! Happy New Year Martijn! Mule Friend!