Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bear Island Paddle Day

Ben and Ryan from OMTC brought a bunch of cool boats out to the Hwy 12 Bridge for a quick paddle around Bear Island on Beaver Lake. I put the first scratches on a brand new Perception Prodigy (prodigy of what, I'm not sure) and then swapped into Ben's 16-foot touring kayak. What a rocket! I'd own one if it wasn't geometrically impossible to get it into my second-storey apartment. After we got back to the boat ramp, we took turns in each other's playboats, which feel really freaky after spending an hour in a boat that is a full ten feet longer. Thanks OMTC, you guys rock!

Not all who wander are lost!

A picture of Ben taking a picture.


Martijn said...

It looks absolutely fantastic! I can imagine the solemn silence (or are kayakkers a noisy lot? hope not), just the sound of the peddle and the waves... I can't tell you évery time how jealous I am of you that you live in a land with real nature. So just one more time.

Anonymous said...

Three words.. I love it!

Dave Mows Grass said...

Yeah, we're pretty lucky. A little topography is good for the soul!

Hi, Martijn!

red dirt girl said...

sending holiday hugs and xxx
hiya dave!