Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Finally Got my Quarterly Evaluation!

Husband Performance Review and Development Plan

Husband: Dave Mows Grass
Reviewer: Mrs. Dave Mows Grass

Personal Appearance: 6 (meets expectations) Good hair cut but your brown pocket T-shirts make you look old.

Personal Demeanor: 7 (meets expectations) You've made big gains in this area by not scowling or embarassing me at parties. Still room for improvement.

Bedroom Performance: 6 (meets expectations) Your performance is adequate.

Father Duties: 9 (surpasses expectations) Donald loves his Daddy and the hiking trips to Hobbs! Would be 10 but I heard you tell him that bicycle helmets are for pussies.

Household Duties: 8 (surpasses expectations) You go above and beyond your normal maintenance duties by cooking awesome spaghetti! I'm still waiting for you to change the light bulb in the fridge.

Financial Support: 4 (needs improvement)

(6 + 7 + 6 + 9 + 8 + 4)/6 = 6.67

6.67 kayaking weekends earned this quarter. (A kayaking weekend consists of any two-day period beginning at 07:30 the first day and ending at 18:00 the second day. Single-day kayaking trips ending by 18:00 are charged 0.5 kayaking weekends.)


Anonymous said...

You got a six in the bedroom? I got a four for "wearing thong as eyepatch." Amongst other derelictions of duty.


UF Mike

red dirt girl said...

wow that some system you have set up to go kayaking. i wonder if i had done something similiar i wouldn't be divorced today ...... NAW - that deadbeat needed to be cut loose.

looking good, dave