Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Big Thanks

to everyone who has visited my blog over the last several years. Your friendship means the world to me and I will miss your kind and funny comments. This year has been a personal reality show in which I've been forced to cut something out of the lineup every week. Please know that this blog outlasted my business, my music, my tools that I loved, my ambitions of one day having a career instead of just a job, and my dog. It even outlasted fishing! But alas, the blog must go. Right now, I'm down to just three hobbies: Kayaking, raising my son, and keeping my ass out of bankrupty court. I'm hoping the show gets cancelled before I have to pick a winner. In the mean time, I'll leave you with a few of my favorite posts and with the promise that I will stop by to visit from time to time. Thank you so much for your friendship and for everything else!




walter wardlow said...

Dr. Evil: Mini Me, if I ever lost you I don't know what I would do. ... I'd probably move on, get another clone but there would be a 15 minute period there where I would just be inconsolable.

bulletholes said...

Man, the Playroom war was the best!
And the palin Skate-off!
But you left out the Neighborhood Haiku, which should go down as one of the most tasteful, classy rants ever laid out in a blog.
Classy, Davy, thats what you are all about. We never deserved you.

And the best work you ever did?
In the comments section over at Mikes.

bulletholes said...

Hey! Where are your archives? I wanted tha Haiku, and also your Mission Statement.

Anonymous said...


E-mail or call sometime!

I'm going to miss reading this thing.


soubriquet said...

Oh how insidious, DMG escapes, how the hell do you think you'll get away from the keyboard?
Blogger enforcement techs are right now creeping up on you, like they did to me, with a great big net, which they throw over you, and use to subdue you, dragging you off into the van. The van takes you to a secret facility, many miles from anywhere any of us would wish to call "home", and you will there be deposited into an empty room. Yes, room, they call it, not cell. There will be sedatives, of course, for a few days... But the lights go on and off at times, and with no windows, no clocks, how do we know time, days? I think I've been here a few weeks, but it may be days or years...

After a while, you sleep most of the time. Then, after one waking, there is a desk, and a computer. "You know what to do", a note on it says. "Blog. Or else".

And after a while, blogworld? seems like reality. You envy those out there on the water, those travelling, those living lives... but hey, there's another picture to cut and paste, hit post... Every time you hit so many words and images posted, you get a reward. I once got a beer, that was for a two thousand word post on a blog about knitting... Oh no, you don't have your own blog! that's too funny, no, you just get assigned blogs to post on, in the style of, I've done blogs on everything from high-altitude cheese-weaving, to the migration habits of pigmy shrews.

Now they tell me I've got one on grass-mowing and kayaking to do.

It seems another blogger has escaped, slipped his chains sometime in the night and left the blogcentrum, I heard the alarms the guards shouting, vehicles starting up. What happened? I think one of the guards has a blog, I'll tell you when he updates.

see here

GEWELS said...

Well, my herb garden updates will NEVER be the same without you around.
I know the feeling of letting go of something. I just can't bring myself to giving up the blog- even though I post only very occasionally now a days.
It's not that I'm TOO busy, I just have nothing to say.

We'll miss you DAVY!!!

Dave Mows Grass said...

Thanks, all! This was all just an attempt to dramatize in some small way the deletion of 400 blog posts. I only deleted the ones I didn't like, leaving these ten. Oh, the Haiku is gone, by the way. I never really liked that one. Well, I liked the last bit:

Push the chrome lever.
My waste swirls and disappears.
Soon the air is fresh!

Thanks guys, gals!

bulletholes said...

You did not have 400! Did you?

Dave Mows Grass said...

410 Yep!

Anonymous said...

You have done it! You proved that Blogs are not matter. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. Blogs can be created AND destroyed.
That is not to say that Blogs don't matter.
The Dave Mows Grass blog will last in many memories for as long as many memories last. So many delightful and informative insights - Thank You!
Quack, Quack!

Water Baby said...

Davey, I didn't visit very often, but always found your posts insightful, strange, or just interesting. Next time you're in town I would like to see you and the crew again!!

soubriquet said...

Bloggerville is a lonely place without you, Dave.