Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fly Gap 74 Training Plan

I've had the idea to do a big on run the gravel roads through the Ozark National Forest north of the Mulberry River for a while, but have never had a good opportunity. Well, Mrs. DMG and The Donald Situation will both be in Virginia the end of July and into August, so finally I will have my chance. This is going to be some bad-ass fun!

The route will consist of two counter-clockwise loops, 36 miles each, plus a mile each way to Turner Bend where I will be camping. About ten miles of it is paved and the rest is gravel of varying quality, with a total elevation gain of just over 10,000 feet. It will be dry and hot.

I think the key to a successful Fly Gap 74 will be understanding exactly what it is I'm trying to do. I am trying to cover 74 miles by foot, in one brisk and continuous push, under hot-as-fuck conditions, without ruining myself. It will be a test of intelligence rather than one of athleticism, and success will depend on covering the distance well rather than covering it fast. I am trying to challenge myself, learn something, and have fun. I am not trying to injure myself. My training will reflect these goals.

I could do this run now, so I guess my primary training objective will be to simply maintain my current level of fitness. One run a week of twenty miles or so should do the trick. I will seek out gravel roads with lots of vertical to run on. It's a bit of a long drive to make every weekend, but running sections of this loop would be fun and would allow me to scout out hiding places for water. I'll need to stash water in at least four places on race day.

Funny, it you keep yourself reasonably fit, and you aren't obsessed with speed, you hardly have to train at all!


Anonymous said...

But you could go to Virginia and dig coal! What an American statement that would be .... you could be a coal adult instead of a coal minor. Quack, Quack!

red dirt girl said...

Hey you Bad Boy of Running!

I read your response to my odd question. While your comment was quite fascinating and definitely true to you, it did not quite answer my current conundrum which is how many more months must I endure the black box of K-1 Visa hell? I'm thinking this is not a physical challenge for me, though it DOES have its physical moments such as when I cry tears of despair or alternately throw something at my laptop. Sometimes I do both.

No. I'm thinking my problem here is mental (setting aside what we already know about my mental limitations). I'm looking for a way to tough out those last couple of miles mentally. Call it my 'agony and ecstasy' run. My end goal is to be in one piece (or one peace ???) hmmm ... epiphany? And to dispel what Soub calls my 'black cloud of pessimism.' You can see what sort of help HE'S been.

Any ideas/thoughts are welcome!

Love you back, Dave!

red dirt girl said...

ps. you can read the latest updates from USCIS in my sidebar ....! It has been exactly 5 months today since I filed the petition.

Dave Renfro said...

Hi mule friend!

Having done both, I can say that running sixty some miles in the mud and waiting for action on a visa petition are very dissimilar experiences. One is fun, the other is not. The only relevant connection I can see is this: The winner finished the race in just over 12 hours, earning him a buckle. It took me almost 23 hours, but I earned the same buckle. Finish, and get your buckle!

This probably doesn't help much.


red dirt girl said...


I guess you're right. It looks like a new buckle is in my future. Somewhere far far far from today.