Sunday, January 13, 2013

FlatRock 101k Training Plan

1. Training starts February 17th. It does not start before February 17th.

2. Maintain fuel reserves. Eat bananas and potatos to keep weight above 165 lbs.

3. Do short runs at Hobbs every weekend, 16-18 miles only but run the whole distance.

4. Schedule vacation for Wednesday, Feb. 27th. Go straight to Hobbs after work Tuesday and hike four laps of the Little Clifty loop (36 miles). Shoot for 12 hours.

5. Schedule vacation for Wednesday, Mar. 27th. Go straight to Hobbs after work Tuesday and hike ten laps of the Huckleberry Loop on Pigeon Roost (43 miles). Shoot for 16 hours.

6. Run single laps of Fayetteville Lake on the other Wednesdays if not too sore, otherwise rest.

7. Take a week off at the first hint of injury.

8. This apartment complex has a gym. Use it.

9. Every run has a purpose. No junk runs.

10. Pain is just information. Don't be a pussy.


Jen T said...

"short runs = 16-18 miles". Oh my.

Dave Renfro said...

One needs to be a bit cocky when one runs only once a week. Like I said a while back, it will take something other than adequate preraration to get me across the finish line.

Call me sometime.


red dirt girl said...

"Pain is just information ..."

I love this! You're a beast, Dave. Good luck!!


Dave Renfro said...

Thanks, mule friend. I can't wait till February 17th!

Martijn said...

I wanted to comment of course but I had no words to express anything. Your friend Red Dirt Girl came up with "You're a beast" which says it best. A funny beast though...