Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolution Possibilities

1. I resolve to read Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.

2. I resolve to eat two bananas and a potato every day.

3. I'm gonna be more hip.

4. I resolve to finish a 100-miler.

5. I'm gonna eat a banana and a potato every day.

6. I resolve to treat my anxiety.

7. I'm gonna bitchslap the Heartland 100 in about 28 hours.

8. I resolve to be a better husband and father.

I'm leaning towards number seven.


red dirt girl said...

This is a hilarious list .... hoping you intended it to be that way!!

Happy New Year, Dave!

I'm honored to be your friend :-)


Dave Renfro said...

I'm honored, too. Thanks mule friend and Happy New Year!


Martijn said...

Don't ever change.

Martijn said...

I have never heard of 'Infinite Jest' by David Foster Wallace, but when I see it, I will make it mine. (I googled it.)

I have no faith in bananas. I do in hipness! Assimilation is the secret of life.

Anyone daring to run more than 10 miles is a Reckless Daredevil in my book.

I'm looking foreward to your Heartland 100 already, Twenty thirteen will be YOUR year, Dave Mows Grass.

(To replace my earlier, more tired, comment with this lenghtier, foggier one.)

Dave Renfro said...

Thanks for stopping by again, Martijn! I've actually settled on a resolution which is not this list, but I might bitchslap the Heartland 100 anyway. Why the hell not!