Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Statement of Fact Regarding My Preparation For the Inaugural FlatRock 101k Ultra Trail Race

Given that 101k is twice the distance of my longest race and nearly twice the distance of my longest run,

Given the universally agreed upon bad-ass-ness of the trail as described in the many trip reports by runners of the Flatrock 50k which took place this September,

Given the setbacks and disruptions to my training that will definitely occur, because shit happens,

Given the balance I have chosen between running and everything else, and my body's demonstrated intolerance for high-volume training when I try to alter that balance,

Given that--let's face it!--this race is going to be a meat grinder no matter how hard I train,

It is a fact that, on April 27th of next year, I will not be adequately prepared to run the Inaugural FlatRock 101k Ultra Trail Race.

Conclusion: I will need to find something other than adequate preparation to get me across the finish line.

What will I find? Ask me on April 28th!


Martijn said...


(Is all I can say.)

Dave Renfro said...

Hell yeah!

carl duewall said...

What have you ever been adequately prepared for?

Dave Renfro said...

I read your comment hours ago, Carl, and I have still not been able to think of a single thing I've ever done that I was not woefully unprepared to do. Like going to work this morning--I could not have been less prepared.

How's things?


Martijn said...

Voted? I hear Obama won. That's good (even though I can't draw genuine optimism from this alas) and at least 'the other guy' didn't win. But all this mmatters not. You're busy running or preparing to run and I am involved in yet another procedure against my boss to 'keep' my job. It's a freak show over here! Congratulations though! Oh-oh-ba-ma!

Martijn said...

With the comment "Oh-oh-Ba-Ma" I had in mind a song. A rewording of one of my favorite Desmond Dekker songs "007 Shanty Town".

Ah, I'm listening to it now and in my head make a little stationary dance that would make Nelson Mandela proud. For song, see:


Dave Renfro said...

Dig it!