Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Note on the Winslow Half Marathon Course

The Winslow Half Marathon course is funny. It doesn't care that it was your first race ever last year and that you've done a ton of running since then. It doesn't care that you ran the Fayetteville Half with bronchitis and PR'd, or that you ran Hogeye. It doesn't care that you ran a 50k at Hobbs. It doesn't care that you're training for a 50-miler in October. It doesn't care. It's hills are real, and it knows it! It is in every way a friendly course. It appreciates that you came and wants you to do well. It just demands respect!

I ran a humbling 52 seconds faster than last year, but what fun!


Jen T said...

Sure wish I could have been there!!

Dave Renfro said...

I wish you could have been here, too, but honestly, last year was the best the race will ever be. People are on to it now and I suspect it will keep growing year after year, plus Bunyard road is slowly but surely being ruined by a black, bituminous top layer. I may or may not run it again next year. How cool to catch it on the first year, though!

Miss you guys, but hope to get down that direction sometime in December. We'll go running!

Martijn said...

I'm still here... don't worry. I just don't know what to say. Things were a bit bleak the past weeks but I have done a Munchhausen and dragged myself out. The magical formulae was Decluttering (the guitar is sold) and Cleaning, even behind the fridge! I'm still cleaning my kitchen as we speak. Lots of elbow grease and British Invasion music... slaving away for days. But I've got the time of course. I'm doing a marathon of my own, so to speak. However, as always I read and enjoy what I read. Hi Dave & Dave's Sister!

Dave Renfro said...

I figured as much, Martijn. It's taken all of my willpower not to ask to buy one of your surplus flutes. I need a flute like I need a hole in the head.

Thanks, pal!

Martijn said...

You honestly would not believe all the stuff I have hoarded away in my tiny house over the years! Not only the eleven flutes, the yew harp, three mouth harps, 6 guitars, 2 banjo's and one Portuguese guitar, not only the thousands of books and records, and not only the extendable metal pointer stick… no, even quite useless things as well!

Today, for my "Operation Lebensraum", I brought some found pieces of broken gold jewellery and silver spoons to the jeweller, expecting a few bucks. Two hundred and eighty five euros, Sir! That's more than $ 370! For utterly useless precious metal! Thomas More wrote all there is to say about it.

I am keeping track of the 'wins' and I plan to buy the best guitar or banjo I can find with it (an old Gibson ES 125, perhaps even ES 335, or a great open back banjo). These are the only things that give me joy these days. But, aside: what liberation! What salvation! Perhaps I even sell some surplus flutes too, but not to you but to some greedy, unsuspecting bastard who doesn't know that possession is a burden, or to some sweet little girl who’s heart & soul is in playing the flute. She can use it!

But for me: the less the merrier! And let's focus on things that are really worth something, like running half marathons and playing the bagpipes or the banjo. Not owning the banjo or expensive running shoes.

Dave & Fam, have a great weekend and blog another day.