Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Updates Shown in Green!

[My little adventure at J.B. Hunt Park was not by any means my most aesthetic run, but I can't complain. I had fun, learned a lot, and didn't injury myself. Full report to follow in a few days. Now: Vitamin I(buprofen) and sleep are all I'm thinking about. By the way, the support I receive from you amazing readers, lurkers and commenters alike, makes a tangible difference, and it means the world to me. Seriously, I am able to run farther and run better because of your encouragement and good wishes. I am positive of this. ]

Personal Records (official):

Half marathon: 2:21:10
Marathon: 5:10:14
50k: 7:22:16

Training Records (unofficial):

Longest run: 42.3 miles.
6 mile out-and-back from North Shore: 56 min.
Three laps of Fayetteville Lake: 3 hrs, 37 min.
15 laps of the Don Tyson: 3hrs, 57 min.
Six Hours of the Don Tyson: Revised to 26.9 miles.
Six Hours of Tontitown Park: Revised to 28.9 miles.
Twelve Hours of J.B. Hunt Park: 42.3 miles.
Clifty Loop, one lap each direction: Umm, I forgot.

2012 Races:
Hogeye Marathon (5:10)
War Eagle 50k (7:22)
Winslow Half Marathon (2:23)
Heartland 50 (Did Not Show)
Rock the Block 5k: (Disqualified)

2011 Races:

Winslow Half Marathon (2:24)
Fayetteville Half Marathon (2:21)


carl duewall said...

Your 8/21/12 blog entry; my comment. Going to respond?

Dave Renfro said...

I am going to respond.

Jen T said...

What a relief...I still hold the official family half-marathon record! If I want to hang on to it, I'd better start running more than twice a month....

goatman said...

Almost as good as Mr. Ryan!

Martijn said...

Is the Hogeye Marathon named after the expression on the face of the average runner after the finish?

"Shove that hog's foot further in the bed!" is a cool song too.

Run far, run fun!, Dave.

Dave Renfro said...

The Hogeye originally went from Fayetteville to the town of Hogeye and back. Then they built an interstate highway that bisected the route. With that came progress; with progress, traffic. Finally they were forced to change the route so the whole race is run in Fayetteville, mostly on its awesome multi-use trail system. It does loop around Fayetteville Lake, which is cool, but it will never go to Hogeye again. So sad.

Thanks for stopping by!

Martijn said...

52,8 laps? Perfectemundo! How did you keep track of the number?

Dave Renfro said...

My specialized running computer (cheap Timex watch) has a lap counter. It records splits for the first 30 laps only but can count to 99. Handy!

red dirt girl said...

congrats Dave! I want to know how you mentally prepare yourself for these runs ???

Rest well.


Dave Renfro said...

Hi mule friend! How do I mentally prepair? Um . . . I've never considered the question. Give me a minute.

One thing I do is plan. What layers will I wear? What gear? Where will I get water? Food? I love this stuff.

Another thing I do is start way ahead of time getting my mind around the idea that such-and-such distance is possible even for a slug like me. I'm a year into the process of making myself believe--I mean really BELIEVE--that I could run a 100-miler someday. Right now I believe I could, but not within the typical 30-hour cutoff. I have some more mental work to do on that one.

Lastly, I just enjoy having something to channel my anxiety towards. Being terrified about the FlatRock 101k in April is much more productive than being terrified about being laid off as 75 of my co-workers were today. Running anxiety is good anxiety. The more the better!

This is a superficial answer to a deep question. I'm disappointed with what I have written. Perhaps it is that I don't really mentally prepare that much at all. Maybe I just go and do it.

You're tops, mule friend. Hope this helps.