Monday, July 16, 2012

Heartland 50 Training Plan

I wasn't supposed to start my training till August 4th, ten weeks before the race, but the ridiculous 10,000 Steps Challenge that my health insurance company thinks will make me more healthy starts today and runs for twelve weeks, so why not start now (I'm participating in the program because I'm a company man, and because I want the $30 gift card at the end, to buy a fancier pedometer. And some Twinkies). Today's training task is to create this training plan which, while vague and completely non-binding, will be better than any other training plan I've ever had.

Does anyone know how to write a training plan?

How about some training objectives:

A. Prepare adequately to run 50 miles in about 12 hours.
B. Run hard enough to be tired and sore, but not injured.
C. Make it fun and don't neglect the other fun stuff.

And a strategy for achieving those objectives:

A. Focus on long runs on gravel, grass, and easy trail.
B. Attend Rush Running's evening speed workouts.
C. Cut back on fast food and sodas.

Here are some great long run ideas:

1. Clifty Loop at Hobbs, one lap each direction.
2. Winslow to the Bobby Hopper Tunnel and back.
3. Volunteer at Winslow Half Marathon aid station.
4. Six hours on the Don Tyson Parkway.
5. Six hours on the Don Tyson Parkway at night.
6. Four laps of Fayetteville Lake.
7. Fall Creek to the horse camp at Devil's Den and back, at night (monster hill on dirt and rough gravel).
8. Twelve-hour night march on the gravel road from Campbell's Cemetary to Shores Lake, maybe 30 miles.

That's a good plan, isn't it?
Two items which will do absolutely nothing to help you finish a 50-mile race.


Martijn said...

It's not a good plan: it's a fantastic plan! Like Jules Verne fantastic.

I've said it many times before: I wish I could run a bit... I hate my own lazy- & and shyness. I feel a fool when stepping out of my door in running gear and can hear my neighbours say to each other: 'Hey, Piet, honey... look what the loony from nr 87 is doing nów! Ha ha ha, what a weirdo!'

I could use some Arkansansian wildernes around me to go about unnoticed. Or less lame excuses. Great one, Dave!

bulletholes said...

You can't go wrong cutting out fast food and soda's.

Dave Renfro said...

Thanks, Martijn! Doing this little plan helps me to get excited about my race. It was fun after the War Eagle race to officially be NOT in training. Now it's fun to be officially IN training.

Go for a jog sometime, Martijn. Let Piet fuck himself with a Snickers bar.

Dave Renfro said...

You're right, Steve, can't go wrong with cutting back. Cutting fast food and soda out completely would be a disaster, though. I would die!