Friday, December 23, 2011

Culling Pandora

It's an art, Pandora is. It's mind is very complex, making the oddest associative leaps like predicting that someone who likes a Ronnie James Dio song from the 80s will also like an Alice Cooper song from the 70s. Thinking about it now, I guess there is some degree of commonality between the two, but it isn't obvious and the prediction was wrong, at least in my case. I did not like the Alice Cooper song. My Pandora strategy up till now has been to use as many as ten seed tracks and then use the like and dislike buttons to more precisely sculpt it's understanding of my musical tastes. This has not been working. It's as if liking one song and disliking what it thinks is a similar song confuses it and causes it to make crazy guesses, crazy wrong guesses. Today I tried something different. I left my disliked songs in place, because I still dislike them, but I cleared my likes from more than fifty to about ten. I also trimmed my seed tracks to just five. I'll see how it goes for a few days but I've been listening now for three hours without a single stinker. I think I might be on to something!

My seed tracks:

Bring Me To Life (Live) by Evanescence
Someone Like You by Adele
Jolene (Live) by The White Stripes
Covered In Rain (Live 2004) by John Mayer
Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae

If you have a mind to, create a new station called Dave Mows Grass with these seed tracks and you can hear what I'm hearing. Post your own seed tracks and artists and I'll give yours a try, too. It'll be fun!


red dirt girl said...

Nice choices, Dave!

BTW: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! umm... I think it is a belated wish, but I do recall you have a birthday about this time of year ... I think.....!

Have a very merry Christmas and much love to you and yours in the New Year.


Anonymous said...

December 30th, actually. I'll be 41. It fills my heart with joy that you remembered!

Merry Christmas to you and the mulettes, too. Prosperity might be a bit of a stretch, but I wish you all peace and calmness of mind in the New Year. You're a great friend.


Anonymous said...

You Pandora?

Jen T said...

Um, what is Pandora? Isn't that a character from a fable? Didn't she have a box? Sorry, sorta confused here....

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!

red dirt girl said...

Oh good so I'm not LATE in wishing you happy tidings for your BIRTHDAY! Instead, I've started the party early -ooorah!

You're the best, Dave.

Me, no pandora but the mulettes do. You know I live under a rock, right, and tend to be behind all the cool trends!


Martijn said...

That's funny, I've been listening to the White Stripes all week. On Monday I bought four (2nd hand) CD's: three times Coldplay (hmmm), one White Stripes (warming up to that... hear much Beefheart in it, and I love the understatedness of it: Meg White is like Yoko One who keeps her mouth shut and performs Maureen Tucker like miracles on the drums) and a double one from Elvis Presley (a childhood love of mine). I kept playing his gospel like "Don't" over & over. And over! But the White Stripes too(Get Behind Me Satan).

I'm too pre-Christmas and post-legal plea-writing wasted now to say anything intelligently, but let me wish you and your family a lovely Christmas time and the best voodoo wishes for 2012. And don't forget... 1 January we'll attack Ulysess! (Oh God, what have I set myself up for?) Yo!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Martijn! Best wishes to you and all of yours, too. Hopefully no levees will fail catastrophically in 2012, at least not before we've both finished Ulysses. You rock dude!