Saturday, April 24, 2010

Canoe School Trunk Sale!

Jackson Creek Floats: Used one year but still in excellent condition. Asking $50.

Seals Shocker Sprayskirt: Size 1.4 cockpit/large tunnel. Fits perfectly on All Stars, Diesels, EZGs, or similar. Tight but doable on a Fun. Probably too small for the bigger Jacksons. Very good condition. Asking $50. Bluewater Rescue Throw Bag: Bag with foam floatation only. This is a very large bag designed for 75' of 3/8" rope. Pack Rat had 3/8" Sterling Grabline in stock last time I checked or you can order 75' lengths of several types of water rescue rope directly from Sterling. You know what, I've changed my mind. Throw bag is not for sale. Sorry!

Stohlquist Bunny Suit: Size Large. I wore this on the river one time and roasted. Since then I've been using Capilene 3 and doing just fine so I don't need it anymore. They also make great pajamas for winter camping if you don't have a heavy sleeping bag. Asking $50.

NRS Stampede Semi-Dry top with no tunnel: Size Large. This is actually more like a very nice splash top because the inner tunnel is missing. The tunnel was seam taped in but not sewn. Part of it tore loose while I was getting the thing off so I just pulled the whole tunnel out. It works great as long as you stay upright but won't keep you dry if you're doing much rolling. Would be great for rec boating because it's cool and easy to get on and off. Asking $25.

Marmot "Original" DriClime Windshirt: Size Large. I had tried on other Marmot jackets in town and they fit so I ordered this one which the store didn't stock. The sleeves were about four inches to long and very annoying. I should have returned it but didn't so my loss! No tags but new condition. Asking $30

Bluewater Rappelling harness: Wads up really small. Nice! Asking $15. PMI 9mm x 15m Max Wear Static Rope: Rappelled on several times but nothing close to a fall. Asking $10. PMI 11mm x 30m EZ Bend Static rope: Used once but like new save a few smudges on the sheath. Asking $25. Neither rope is suitable for water rescue or climbing but both are perfect for rappelling and tire swings.

Crappy Hat: Asking 1 beer. Crappy Dry Bag: Asking 1 beer. Sea-to-Summit Synthetic Towel: Asking 2 beers. Sure-Fire 6P Flashlight: Uses CR-123 camera batteries. Very bright! The batteries in it are still good. Asking a six-pack but make offer.

If you want any of this stuff, let me know and I'll hold on to it. Otherwise look for the brown Accord with the lime-green REV on top at canoe school and let's make a deal. Thanks for looking!



Anonymous said...
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Dave Mows Grass said...

mgauthreaux-I took your email and phone number down because thousands of very seedy characters read this blog every day. I have your information though and I'll call if the first deal on the drytop falls through. Thanks!


carl duewall said...

do they sell mens clothes where you bought these things?