Thursday, September 03, 2009

Visual Packing List Revisited

Some of you may remember the visual packing list I posted back before I exercised the Nuclear Option and deleted 400 blog posts. I've since made a few improvements thanks to some excellent instruction at our last canoe club meeting. I've exchanged the sealed sandwich container within a drybag for a 750ml Camelback bottle with duct tape wrapped around it. I've also exchanged the flashlight for a headlamp and put the toilet paper, fire starter, and water purification tablets in baggies. I've added money, a Sharpie, and some marking tape which I've wrapped around my sealed match container. Perhaps the biggest improvement is getting rid of the disinfecting wipes, gauze, and other first-aidsy crap which is useless on a flooded creek during a downpour. Smear some antibiotic on the wound, seal it with duct tape, and get the hell out of there! I'm much happier with my new setup. Things will be drier and easier to access plus it frees up room in my drybag for Capilene and warm beer.


walter wardlow said...

still missing a short barreled .500 or the like.

Martijn said...

Hey there Dave,

I was on vacation last month to Germany. At one point I ended up in some lake district where everybody was completely canoe-crazy. Canoes to the right of me, canoes to the left of me! It was a wonderful sight. I'm ashamed to admit I didn't do any canoeïng myself. I just stuck with swiming in those lakes and drinking the warm beer ashore. But you would have fit in. I'm glad to see you're blogging again.